At Cornerstone Commercial Investments, our enthusiasm extends far beyond building wealth and creating investment opportunities, though we’re pretty excited about that, too. We’re also passionate about people – the people we work with and those who comprise our team of savvy investors. After all, money is merely a tool, and its impact is determined by the actions and decisions of the people behind it. That’s why we prioritize qualities such as honesty, integrity, teamwork, and trust. And Tom Nichols embodies these values impeccably.

Tom Nichols, our regional partner here at Cornerstone Commercial Investments, keeps a sharp focus on the Oregon market. Tom’s presence on our team is more than just a title; he embodies the essence of real estate prowess and professionalism.

A Legacy of Excellence: Tom’s Remarkable Journey in Central Oregon

Tom’s reputation is impeccable in Central Oregon, where he’s been a fixture for 28 years. His deep-rooted connections within the community and his extensive portfolio of successful projects speak volumes about his expertise. Tom’s journey commenced in construction, overseeing a myriad of ventures ranging from bespoke homes to multifamily developments. With a remarkable track record boasting over 250 completed projects, Tom’s acumen is second to none. 

  • Knowledge Anchored in Education

Tom’s credentials reflect his commitment to excellence. He earned his BA in Organizational Communications from Pepperdine University in 1993, laying a solid foundation for his professional endeavors. Tom has spent a large part of his career in different facets of the real estate business, continuously honing his skills to deliver unparalleled service to his clients.

  • Family Values 

Beyond his professional achievements, Tom cherishes his role as a family man. With a wife of 24 years and three remarkable children, including a daughter following in his footsteps in real estate, Tom’s dedication to his loved ones is unwavering.

  • A Trusted Partner 

Tom epitomizes the values of integrity and reliability that define Cornerstone Commercial Investments. Whether you’re seeking to expand your investment portfolio, secure your dream property, or explore new opportunities, Tom’s expertise ensures a seamless journey toward your investment goals.

Let’s Connect

If you’re as passionate about real estate as we are and seeking a trusted ally in your endeavors, Tom is your go-to partner. Explore our website to learn more about Tom and our team’s commitment to excellence. When you’re ready to embark on your real estate journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we’ll transform your aspirations into reality.

At Cornerstone Commercial Investments, we prioritize professionalism and expertise. With Tom Nichols by your side, you can navigate the dynamic landscape of real estate with confidence. Let’s embark on this journey together!