Cornerstone Commercial Investments specializes in the acquisition and development of multi-family properties in emerging niche markets across Idaho, Oregon & Montana.  Through expert local management and targeted value add improvements, we create a lifestyle brand that meets the needs of the booming underserved Middle Market and Millennial population.

Our Vision is to build and revitalize Idaho, Oregon & Montana’s multi-family housing in order to provide a superior housing experience to the underserved Middle Market and Millennial renter, and to deliver the strongest possible returns to our investors.

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Why Cornerstone Commercial Investments?

  • Experienced professional Management & Advisory Team with Unique Understanding of Middle Markets & Millennials: Development, Acquisition, Asset Management and Redevelopment experience in commercial properties for targeted demographics with a track record of executing highly successful investment strategies.
  • Catering to High Demand Niche Demographics who Require More Living Options: The growing Millennial and underserved Middle Markets are expanding at a rapid rate. New construction is typically aimed at luxury apartment units leaving the underserved Middle Market and Millennial renter struggling to find affordable housing. 
  • Achieve Higher Rents by Creating a Niche Community Lifestyle: 
  • Our My Home Choice Tenant Program creates a unique niche lifestyle for the Middle Market and Millennial tenant base that solves their current housing problems. This creates an Unmatched Competitive Advantage. With little to no competition, and increased demand, our properties command higher rents where residents feel at home long term.
  • Favorable Industry and Economic Conditions: The Rent vs. Own affordability gap in Idaho, Oregon and Montana continues to widen as interest rates remain low and home prices continue to climb leaving the underserved Middle Market and Millennials no choice but to rent. Thus demand is exceeding supply in the multi-family sector and increased rents support strong market fundamentals.

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Cornerstone is a highly motivated diverse team whose complementary skills and experience have aligned to create a growing investment powerhouse. Click below to learn more! 

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