When initially considering real estate syndication as an investment avenue, you may feel somewhat intimidated, as though you are entering into the unknown. Investing in a property you haven’t seen can be unsettling due to uncertainties about the liquidity of your funds and concerns about not having immediate visibility into financial accounts.

At Cornerstone Commercial Investments, we understand these concerns. But we also know they can be directly confronted and often alleviated through dedicated research. The right research can gradually bolster your certainty, fostering a sense of confidence before taking the investment leap. If you’re hesitating about your first syndication investment, here are some things to consider before investing with a new company:

1. Examining the Track Record and Performance History

In the comprehensive assessment of a syndication company, a pivotal starting point is a meticulous examination of its past performance. Investors are well-advised to delve beyond the surface, scrutinizing not just the returns but the consistency of these returns over time. This approach offers insights into the company’s effectiveness in managing investments. Paying attention to performance trends and identifying patterns provides a more detailed understanding of the syndication company’s financial strategy.

2. Understanding Risk Management Strategies

Given the inherent risks in investments, understanding a syndication company’s risk management is crucial. Investors should explore the company’s approach to mitigating risks and handling unforeseen challenges. Beyond a cursory overview, a detailed analysis of risk assessment methodologies and the adaptability of risk management frameworks enables investors to gauge the company’s preparedness in navigating potential pitfalls. This thorough examination aligns investors’ risk appetite with the syndication company’s risk management philosophy, fostering a resilient and informed investment strategy.

3. Emphasizing Transparent Communication

Transparent communication is a cornerstone of a robust investor-syndicator relationship, and investors should evaluate the syndication company’s willingness and ability to communicate with its clientele. Investors are encouraged to scrutinize the clarity with which the syndication company shares information about its investments and operational practices. This extends beyond periodic reports to proactive communication about potential challenges and market dynamics. A keen focus on transparent communication builds trust and empowers investors with a comprehensive understanding how their investment will be managed, contributing to a positive and informed investment experience.

4. Analyzing Market Trends and Insights

Investors should make a comprehensive analysis of a syndication company’s market analysis capabilities. Investors are advised to delve into the company’s understanding of industry dynamics and its ability to identify potential investment opportunities. This involves a nuanced exploration of its methodologies in trend analysis, how it integrates emerging market factors into its investment strategy, and its adaptability to evolving economic scenarios. A syndication company well-versed in market trends is proactively equipped to guide investments strategically, positioning investors to make informed decisions aligned with prevailing and emerging market dynamics.

5. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Practices

Investing extends beyond financial considerations to encompass regulatory compliance and ethical practices. Investors must navigate the complex web of regulations governing syndication companies. Ensuring the company adheres steadfastly to industry regulations and maintains a robust legal framework is imperative. This involves meticulously examining compliance protocols, reporting requirements, ethical standards, and a proactive commitment to the highest levels of integrity in operations. 

A comprehensive assessment of these five crucial factors is imperative before embarking on an investment journey with a new syndication company. At Cornerstone Commercial Investments, we have excelled in these areas and invite your most challenging questions. For more information, visit our website or contact us today.